Hello Sunny Sunflower

As promised in my previous post, here is an introduction to our 1967 Sexton sunflower clock.

We have a bit of an obsession with sunflowers around here. During the year, our farm is sprinkled with a wide variety of heirloom sunflowers, so when I saw this Sexton Sunflower clock paired with the Sears Merry Mushroom clock featured in the previous post, we of course had to have it.

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Hanging the Merry Mushrooms

Hanging a cute clock is a lovely way to bring new year cheer that keeps on giving. I’ve had this mushroom clock for a couple of weeks, but with Christmas I haven’t been in the office much, so I just hung it up today.

The Merry Mushrooms clock was a ceramic clock made in Japan for Sears in 1978.It was released with a variety of other matching ceramic kitchenware, which all featured the adorable merry mushrooms, and today is one of the most commonly available vintage ’70s mushroom clocks.

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