New (Old) Cuckoo Clock

My newest old cuckoo clock safely arrived. While I don’t know the actual year on this one, it’s definitely older than the other cuckoo clocks I have so far. I got this one because I really like the carving style, the old painted number dial, and the particularly adorable cuckoo bird.

It did come with the cuckoo’s door and door frame that just need to be reattached. Unfortunately, the top carving and pendulum are long gone, but I’ll be carving it new ones to match the style of the rest of the clock.

Internally it needs a lot of work—there is rusting on the gong and some of the other wire pieces, but the movement looks to be in better shape than I expected. The bellows are present and just need to be re-covered.

The chains are there but are a tangled mess, so I’ll have to wait until after I untangle them to see what condition they’re in, though they look decent. It didn’t come with weights, so I’ll be ordering a couple new ones along with a new set of hands.

Definitely looking forward to getting to work on this one!

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