It’s About Time

If you haven’t guessed already, this blog is about clocks. Not the digital sort—real clocks that are works of arts, pieces of history, or just plain fun.

I’ll be posting about all things clocks, but mostly I’ll be sharing my progress on various clock-related projects. Vintage cuckoo clocks are a favorite of mine, and I have a pile of project clocks in that category, but I’ll also be posting about other clock projects.

Aside from the cuckoos, my current lineup includes a Westminster chime clock, a ship’s clock, and some antique pocket watches. Basically I love anything that’s not battery powered. Not that battery-powered clocks can’t also be interesting and beautiful.

Personally, I love vintage 1970s clocks. I’m sure there were a lot of classy clocks made during that era, but those aren’t the ones I’m talking about. My love is for the clocks that many might consider painfully ’70s, but what can I say? The mushrooms are too adorable, and I love the colors.

But as far as a clock hobby goes, it’s the old spring and weight-driven clocks that delight me, and I hope those of you who follow along will find seeing what makes them tick equally delightful.

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